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Our Horses

The horses used in the therapy process include rescue horses, from mustangs who have recently been living wild in the mountains and deserts of the United States to horses and ponies that have been raised in domestic situations and who have interacted with humans for many years. Horses with different background are able to uniquely bond with the clients we serve because of their similar backgrounds. The benefit of the horse/human interactions is to heal both human and equine clients. Of primary focus in this combined therapy are military veterans who have psychotherapy needs.



This is our baby girl of the pasture.









We rescued our Shetland pony Gallo from a holding facility last summer. Gallo was taken from the same owner as our little girl Gracie who passed away just before we rescued Gallo. Gallo had been stabbed with a samurai sword at the back of his flank and was very skittish, fearful and untrusting. Gallo has become a wonderful therapy pony but we continue to battle hoof problems secondary to the lack of care he received. Gallo is a sweet little pony and is becoming more friendly, trusting and quite the character.


This is Ollie. He is one of our Rescue ponies. When we picked him up he was 100 pounds underweight, had a skin condition and seemed mentally beaten down and sad. Now, after a short time in his new home, he has a beautiful coat, he is the perfect weight and thinks he’s Fabio. With some love, care and training, he has become an expert hippotherapy horse.


This is Luna. She was an abused horse that was abandoned in a yard in Kearns, Utah. A family woke up to find her tied to their tree. She was given to us to work with and rehabilitate. We want to thank Deb Harper, the Esparza team, the McGowens, our donors and all our sponsors and volunteers for making it possible to rescue and rehabilitate these horses enabling us to train and use them for therapy.